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We help learner drivers and driving grooves students preparing for exams


Welcome to by Krohm Juergen Switzerland 2024

Ladies and Gentlemen

As a programmer, I have no direct experience with exam simulations, but I can try to give you information on what exam simulations are and how they can help.

Dear learner drivers, it is important that you read these lines before registering or registering on my platform to be informed about the differences between the offers for students (free for exam preparation) and driving schools (subject to a fee, depending on a conversation). be.

I offer them a free exam prep practice tool, so students have access to valuable resources that can help them better prepare for their exams.

At the same time, you offer a paid version for driving schools, which is likely to include additional services, customized content or other services that meet the needs of the driving schools.

This type of differentiated offer can be useful in order to serve different target groups and at the same time have the opportunity to offer specific services for driving schools that go beyond the free offer.

It's nice to see how you provide educational resources while creating opportunities to collaborate with driving schools. Such measures can make your platform attractive to different target groups and facilitate access to education and preparation for exams.

Newly programmed for everyone who would like to take a drone test.

This tool is free for everyone except for driving schools that offer it.


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